Becoming a Lydiard coach will:

  • Enable you to apply Lydiard principles of sequential development and correct timing to get the best out of athletes.
  • Give you an understanding of how the body is best trained to maximise a runner’s potential.
  • Teach you why the importance of developing an athlete’s aerobic base is the foundation for all further training.
  • Show you the key role that recovery has in promoting the necessary physical adaptions that will improve a runner’s performance.
  • Teach you how to make your athlete self-aware, so that they can feel when they are training at the right level.
  • Equip you to create training plans using Lydiard principles that meet the individual needs of athletes of all abilities for all events from 800m to ultra-distances.
Colin Lancaster Lydiard

Next course: Online via Zoom starting Thursday 16th June 2022

**Level I & II Coach Certification** Scroll down for course structure

June 2022 Intensive – Online via Zoom

Session 1: Thursday 16th June 7pm – 10pm GMT

Session 2: Friday 17th June 7pm – 10pm GMT

Session 3: Saturday 18th June 7pm – 10pm GMT

Session 4: Sunday 19th June 7pm – 10 pm GMT

Session 5: To be decided in consultation with course delegates

Course Structure Please note. The Intensive Course covers the content below in four sessions.

July 2022 Weekly Course – Online via Zoom Dates to be confirmed

Course Content

Session One: Regeneration and Adaptation. The Five Lydiard Principles. The Training Pyramid. Your Renewable Battery. (3 hours)

Session Two: Phase One – Endurance. Phase Two – Hill Strength Resistance Phase Three – Anaerobic. (3 hours)

Session Three:  Phase Four – Integration. Phase Five – Taper Racing & Peaking,  Continuation of Racing (3 hours)

Session Four:  Recovery Schedules & Indicators. Micro & Macro Cycles Goal-Setting. Writing a Schedule. Case Studies. (3 hours)

Session Five: Exam preview and Q&A (3 hours)


COST: $279 (normally $399) – Repeat Attendees $80        

(Includes online manual, exam materials, certificates and session recordings)

Participants must pass exam requirements for certification. (We give great assistance ?)


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