Andie Ford

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I am not,  and have never been a natural runner. As a child, I was neither fast nor fit and felt far happier in water. But I always dreamed that one day I’d be able to run the London Marathon. Then in 2005, I got a charity place. I was working out a lot as part of my job as a class instructor and I followed a beginner's plan from a magazine. And I hated every single minute of the training  and (sadly) the race. My dream day was awful and I was crushed. Like many before me I swore never again (whilst filling in my ballot application for the next one!)


Fast forward to 2015 and I was fitter and stronger and now coaching at a club myself, but I still couldn't conquer the marathon. So I approached Colin Lancaster to help me. London was unfinished business but after 13 ballot rejections I needed to qualify to get in. I was dubious about the Lydiard training as it didn’t seem ‘enough’ (I called it a leap of faith). But after just a year under Colin's inspiring coaching and mentorship, I successfully achieved a much dreamed of GFA time at Manchester Marathon! Lydiard training works and I was sold.


I followed ‘The Lydiard way’ to become a coach myself. It all makes total sense. After writing my own training plan, I then achieved what I thought impossible for an average runner like me - a Boston Qualifying time. The holy grail! I can now see why those generic plans don’t work for most of us. They don't take into account our age, all the other things we do, our energy levels, our hormones or our recovery rates. A personal plan which focuses on the individual is worth every penny.


So now I love to help recreational runners like me to achieve things they once thought impossible. That could be a 5k, a GFA qualifying time, or an ultra-marathon - I have helped athletes do all these things and more. Plans are adapted as you improve and progress and when life throws extra challenges at you, we modify the training load to take away some of the stress. We can all do great things with hard work and a positive mindset but the right plan makes it so much more enjoyable! We can all do great things with hard work and a positive mindset but the right plan makes it so much more enjoyable!


Contact Details

Tel: 07977 150441


Coaching Philosophy

Enjoy the journey, take in the scenery, and don’t be in a hurry to get to your destination.


Coaching Qualifications

UKA LiRF 2014 and CiRF 2016 (Coach in Running and Fitness)     

Lydiard Foundation LI & LII 2017


Other Credentials

Event Director at Wyre Forest parkrun England Athletics Mental Health Champion YMCA L2 Gym Instructor L2 Water Fitness Instructor Accomplishments Co-founder and Coach - Cleobury Mortimer Running Club (West Midlands Run Club of the year 2018) Achieving GFA and BQ times at marathon distance. Running the Boston marathon in 2019.