Gabriele Bonuomo

Coaching Philosophy


I believe in keeping things simple. "Excellence" for me means being the best version of yourself! "Be better", not "be the best"! 


I have coached a variety of runners and two successes that I am proud of are:


Coaching a woman with scoliosis, who wore an orthopaedic corset when she was a teenager. I coached her from being a beginner to completing a 10km in 6 months.


Coaching a man to complete his first Ironman under 10 hours whilst working full time in a blue collar job. 


Running Experience


I have been running for 20 years and enjoy competing in triathlons and trail runs. After twenty years I am pleased to say that I am still improving! 


Coaching qualifications 


Lydiard Coaching Certificate Level 1 and 2


I have learnt a lot from running and triathlon camps and deepened my understanding of running technique in Germany with the RunningWolf programme.

The more I learn, the more I realize that I "don't know anything yet"!  Learning is a process that never ends! It's not a course or a certificate! Every day we learn!


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Through sport we can improve as people!

Not only physically, but mentally and spiritually!

We were born to move, and not to sit at a desk all day!

Through sport we can discover and develop our potential!



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