Matt Day

07791 329311


Level 1 and 2 Lydiard Coach

BEd Hons in Physical Education


Area of Expertise & Speciality:

My aim is to motivate, inspire and encourage runners of any level from beginner to international to achieve their goals. My experience and expertise are mostly in Cross Country and road racing but I also coach distance races on the track.


Experience as an Athlete:

I have and do run across all running disciplines track, cross-country, road and trail. I reached a good club level ( 1 hour for 10 miles, 1 hour 22 mins for Half Marathon) but my progress was hindered by what I later found out was a minor heart problem causing tachycardia. In 2006 I had a routine operation to cure the problem but things didn't go according to plan and I had to have a pacemaker fitted. Up to that point, I thought I ran to race but it took 18 months to get everything set right on my pacemaker and during that time I realised I ran because I love running. I still race but this is limited by my football coaching every weekend. I love to set my own challenges like running up mountains when at my parents in Spain.

In 2019 I finally broke 3 hours 30 minutes for the marathon and still believe I can go much faster and will seek to do so over the next few years.


Coaching Philosophy

One of the things that appeal to me most about Lydiard is that his approach was personalised, he recognised that everyone is different, has different goals and responds differently to training. This is why I do not offer generic training plans but instead ensure every plan is adapted to the individual whilst always following the Lydiard principles.

Barnabas Running is part of The Barnabas Sports Trust ( A Christian based sports charity, I founded in 2004: Registered Charity No. 1101022). The word Barnabas means ‘encourager’ and in all our events, our running coaching, at our football academy and in our football team, we seek to encourage all our athletes to achieve their best, in sport and in all areas of their lives. 

Everyone involved in The Barnabas Sports Trust (including myself) are volunteers so any payments received for our coaching plans or services will go towards the running of our Soccer School and The Cockington Christmas Caper race we organise every December.

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